KNP Slip - Tobacco Ghost
KNP Slip - Tobacco Ghost

KNP Slip - Tobacco Ghost

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Hand crafted in-house by ourselves from the best quality materials, this leather pocket organiser is suitable for carrying a pen and a pocket knife/flashlight/anything else you can squeeze in!

Made from Ghost leather from Conceria la Bretagna... Ghost is a really interesting leather, which has a layer of white wax applied over the surface. Through use this wax will rub away revealing the original colour beneath, creating a fascinating, unique patina


  • Made from Horween Derby leather
  • Sewn with Ritza Tiger 0.8mm waxed thread
  • Fits pens up to 100mm long and 10mm diameter (Kaweco Liliput, Fisher Space Pen, Travellers Company Brass Pencil etc)
  • Fits small to medium pocket knives up to 100mm long (Victorinox pioneer, GEC #78, Case Barlow etc)
  • Dimensions - W:70mm, D:110mm - Main pocket 45mmx105mm

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