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1095 Leather

Grindslow Wallet - Olive Minerva & Green Marbled Shell Cordovan

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The Grindslow is the slimmest wallet I make, holding 2-3 cards or some folded cash in the main pocket, and one card in the front. The main pocket has a thumb slot cut out so you can easily push the contents out. Made from green marbled Rocado shell cordovan and olive Badalassi Carlo Minerva.

  • Hand sewn with Ritza Tiger 0.6mm havana waxed thread
  • Edges hand bevelled, sanded and burnished
  • Holds 2-4 cards and some folded cash
  • Dimensions - W:70mm, D:100mm

the wallet you will receive is the one in the photo, I photograph each wallet individually due to the variations in colour and grain, so you know exactly what you are buying.